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  • Material: 100% Lambskin
  • Workmanship: 100% handmade in Italy
  • Collection: Classic Premium
  • Color: Liguria Olive Green
  • Closure: Green ostrich leather, tone on tone

LIGURIA OLIVES | Classic Premium

  • Completely handmade in Italy, the Liguria racing gloves from the Collection  Classic Premium are made entirely of soft Olive Lamb leather, distinguished by the elegant closure on the back of the hand proposed in fine toned ostrich leather, essential for  those who want to add a particular touch of elegance to their adventure.
    Fastened with an engraved button, our premium driving gloves are finished with perforated fingers and knuckles to ensure greater flexibility and breathability for the driver. The embossed seams on the palm of the hand allow excellent adherence to the steering wheel and / or handlebar, offering complete driving control. In addition, the elastic that wraps around the wrist guarantees safety and comfort even at the most exhilarating speeds.
    Their exclusive design, accompanied by the unique touch inspired by classic racing , make them an emotion for all lovers of engines.
    Without a doubt, the Premium collection lends a singular touch to your driving arsenal.

    Like all beautiful things, the difference is in the details. 



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